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The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 An announcement for all Kindred

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An announcement for all Kindred Empty
PostSubject: An announcement for all Kindred   An announcement for all Kindred Icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2014 9:40 pm

Acknowledged Kindred of this great city of Dallas,

I would like to make it known that after an extensive interview process, I have chosen Mr. Tyrian Reek of Brujah clan to protect this city in the position of Sheriff and for this, he is to be known as FEARED in the Eyes of the Camarilla and I expect all to recognize and show him the respect due to his station.

I have also chosen Ms. Aryana Hart to be my Senechal. I had a very pleasant conversation with her late Saturday night after all the commotion at the gardens. She showed great dignity and impressed me with her intelligence, she is CHERISHED and ESTEEMED and I'm sure will prove to be a worthy choice. Respect her as though you would respect me, she is my voice and my ears, you will want to be friends with this woman if you can earn her respect.

In case you were not paying attention during gather, my Harpy is Ms. Elizabeth Thibodeaux to be my Harpy. I am sure that by now she has the support of all the clans Primogen, as I find her to be well deserved of the position. She is now INFLUENTIAL in the Camarilla, and I'm sure will prove to continue to impress me with her skills. She has been instructed to remind all of you how Status works, as I will NOT have another embarrassment happen in MY CITY again! Any future disrespect to visiting members of a Camarilla Court will be met with harsh punishment.

Finally, I wish to make it known that Basher A Albasher of Gangrel clan, has stepped up to fill the role of Keeper of Elysium. She will be known as HONORABLE in this position IF she can procure a proper place to declare an Elysium with fault proof security.

Kindred of Dallas, these are the members of your court. Respect them, and I'm sure as you prove your worth you will earn their respect in return. We need to work together as a city to rebuild and reclaim this land for the Camarilla. Let it be known that no one in my city has right of destruction, find other ways to settle your disputes. I am the only judge that can issue execution, which only my Scourge can carry out unless otherwise instructed. Remember that well and respect the Traditions and we will all be one happy family. A shining beacon of the Camarilla, in one of the most profitable cities in the country.


The Exalted Sapphira Spiros Prince of the city of Dallas
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An announcement for all Kindred
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