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The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 August 2015

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PostSubject: August 2015   August 2015 Icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2015 9:07 pm

What a great number of things do I have to talk about! We had another large influx of new faces in Dallas. Our Esteemed and Exalted Prince Kara Wells is taking it in stride, keeping her head up and her beast in check while dealing with the pressure of her station in a city like ours. I feel she has done well so far, despite her entire court trying their best to ruin her….but I digress. There are many things I need to discuss.

I will start with the good news. Many of our new members have proven themselves and our Respected Prince has showered them with reward.
She awarded Davrem Bashere, Primogen of Clan Brujah, Loyal for his continued actions that prove he is Loyal to the Camarilla and to Dallas.
Jack Kennedy of Clan Brujah has shown himself to be Proven in battle and Sheffield Price of Tremere is also Loyal to our causes…
Devorah of Clan Gangrel has also been Proven and her clanmate Josh is Brave.
Dr Belgarde gave a small boost to her clan by awarding their Primogen Ashara with Informed. A title well deserved for one such as himself….Tiffany was Praised for her swift action when her skills were called upon. Perhaps the Malkavian Clan is something to watch after all…
Maliki, the Primogen of Nosferatu Clan, rewarded his new addition Decker with Loyal as well for travelling farther and deeper than anyone else…what could that mean to a Nosferatu? What could it mean for the city? I suppose Decker will prove the Loyalty in the coming nights we share together.
Finally Inva, of Clan Toreador, has been Praised for her work in the city and all jokes of her passing it up aside, I am proud of her and her growth.

There was some scandalous behavior on display if you were watching the right direction. Alarick Von Wulfhaus has repeatedly been given a “talking to” by the Prince for his behavior and underhandedness, and he’s only been in the city for just over 3 months now. He has been disrespectful to our Exalted Prince for her wise decisions did not align with his personal agenda. Even when she created a new court position especially for him, he not only turned it down he spat in her face and then slammed a door like a human child! He has tried to frame me, his own Elder and Famous Harpy of Dallas, of being a ritualistic murderer, carelessly killing call-girls. Since he cannot interrupt me during my public announcement this time: For his actions he is no longer Well-Connected in the eyes of the Camarilla. He is a scandalous member of this court, Kindred of Dallas keep your eyes on this one…

Which brings me to my next subject…
She has been working with the Snake for far too long and has lied and kept secrets from the very person who wanted to adopt her into a family and give her a clan…
She has endangered the city with her secrets and repeatedly abused her station as Sheriff. Ophelia LaRue is no longer Acknowledged in Dallas. She is currently hiding out in the sewers and being protected by the Elder Steve, it will be interesting to see how she acts moving forward and if she will be seen above ground. May the Scourge find her if she does come up for some moonlight.

Oh yes, the thing I know you are all reading this for. Nearly the entire court has forgotten what Elysium is! We had two, TWO mortals walk into the room and within seconds nearly everyone had drawn a weapon or used an ability! I understand they made an attempt to stab the Keeper and they used some scary magic but they died within seconds!
This entire court is lucky to still be awaking in the moonlight, for our wise Prince is taking time to review things and make a rational decision as to what will happen. Some think she is going to be lenient and give the equivalent of a slap on the wrist but our Prince is strong and they underestimate her. With three Archons coming to visit she must show she has control of her city and the individuals that reside here.
The city needs to pull themselves together and stop acting like freshly turned neonates. The Council is watching Dallas, studying the city as it flounders. The many eyes are waiting to see if this hodgepodge group of throwaways can become something and make this city into a stronghold for the Camarilla.
So many new faces, so many careless actions, this next gather is going to be very interesting to record…

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August 2015
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