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The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 Chapter 1: The Time Has Arrived....

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Chapter 1: The Time Has Arrived.... Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1: The Time Has Arrived....   Chapter 1: The Time Has Arrived.... Icon_minitimeThu Jun 05, 2014 11:43 pm

You have been chosen by either your Prince or your sire to go and fight against the Sabbat in Dallas.  They have occupied the city for 4 years and after the recent attack in OKC, the Camarilla Council has decided now is the time to take back the city. 
The briefing you received was, well, brief; they informed you that the recent Oklahoma City Bombing was created to cover up a massive breech of the masquerade, during which an Archon of the Venture Justicar was slain.  There will be two Archons meeting you in Dallas to help lead the charge against the Sabbat. You do not know their names or even their clans, but they will make themselves known to you upon your arrival to the city.  There are no known remaining members of the Camarilla court in Dallas, they were all killed during the initial siege. There are an unknown number of Sabbat in the area, but the Arch Bishop, his Templar and a few packs are acting out louder than the rest. These will be your initial targets.
It was made clear to you that failure was not an option. You will fight and possibly die for the Camarilla, or you will meet final death publicly and humiliatingly.
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Chapter 1: The Time Has Arrived....
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