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The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 A New Chapter in Dallas

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A New Chapter in Dallas Empty
PostSubject: A New Chapter in Dallas   A New Chapter in Dallas Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2015 10:03 pm

Finally something worth writing about. This last gather saw an influx of new members to the city and much was accomplished. I dare say there may be some potential in this city yet! Many Kindred were awarded and the Eloquent Prince graced us with his time Acknowledging all the newcomers to the city. He has also declared that the entire city is to aid Claudia in her effort to complete the rituals needed to close the rift in the sky that was opened SIX MONTHS AGO. Make sure you take heed to his direction. Feeding grounds were reestablished and territories have been claimed. If you need to know where your feeding grounds are please see your Primogen. The resident Follower of Set, he has quite the tongue on him....he can be quite irritating at times but there is something you should all know about him...he has information you want and need. He will not give it away for free I am sure for that is not their way and he is not to be trusted as he is a snake in the grass waiting to strike, but he does have good sources of information and he has accomplished much behind the scenes. The good Doctor, Selome Belgarde of Malkavian asked me to point out to all that Ashara is to be Respected, for he has earned that title through his work for the City of Dallas. The Elder Steve of Nosferatu Clan claimed that Claudia was to be Influential in her position as Keeper and Maliki has fought hard since his time in Dallas and as such is to be known as Battle Hardened. Finally he bestowed Travis Ryker with the title of Resourceful for his ability to deal with the other clans in harmony. Yes Steve handed out candy to all of his clan and then promptly left the Camarilla. He claims he is going to be working on Nosferatu affairs, but who knows. He has been around long before any of us and will outlast us all in the Necropolis beneath Dallas I am sure. I wrapped up the celebrations by bestowing my own Clan Primogen Alarack Von Volfhaus with Well Connected, because we all know as Toreador we have the best contacts. He will live up to his glory in this city and make our Clan outstanding. I must point out that I also declared Inva to be SteadFast but she decided herself to be wiser than I and declined to accept the status when asked by the Prince. Such an odd thing to do.... Perhaps in the future she will think before she speaks to avoid repeating such mistakes. Until next time fellow Kindred. Hopefully with the new bodies will come fresh opportunities to write to you all. Go out and make a name for yourselves, perhaps one of you will even replace myself as Harpy one day.

-Don Diego Perez De Guzman
Harpy of Dallas
Toreador Clan
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A New Chapter in Dallas
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