Delirium -A Vampire the Masquerade LARP

The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!!

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Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!! Empty
PostSubject: Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!!   Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 25, 2014 10:06 am

Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!! Tombst12

I can't think of ANYONE who deserves NOTHING more than Jeremy, however BECAUSE he was our Kindred we should take a moment of silence....No..nevermind that....he doesn't deserve it!

               PRAXIS!!! HE CALLED PRAXIS!!!! And now he is DEAD!!!

I hear the whispers amongst the Dallas Kindred ......

"The Prince isn't doing her job" "The Prince always yells at me." "The Prince is mean."

SERIOUSLY? Are we not Vampires? WHY are you so sensitive? How else do YOU expect the Prince to be? She is not your friend! She is not here to be sunshine and roses!!!

The Prince IS doing her job!!! Who do you think is busy greasing the palms of those that you need to interact with such as the police and the media?

Are any of YOU doing your job? Have you found out who is responsible for stealing the Tongue of the Saint from the Church? What about the Serial Killer who is STEALING Tongues?

What about the Man in the loin cloth? Why have I not been updated as to what has happened to him at our last gathering?

What is happening to the OG Crypts?

Stop your whining! STOP your Cunting!!! USE your heads!!! Step up and be the Vampires you are Supposed to be!!!

***Oh and as to the whispers among you plotting my demise ... YOU are seriously rolling the dice ... for if anything happens to me ... well I can assure you ... I will be much more of an asset to you alive, than I ever will be dead... I will strike out from the grave.... Be warned!"***
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Ding Dong Jeremy's DEAD!!!
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