Delirium -A Vampire the Masquerade LARP

The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2014 9:01 pm

Official House Rules

Defined as a person who has played in any LARP setting for a year or less. All newbie players will start with the Common Sense merit, and this will fall off after 4 months of gameplay.  

Allowed books
Laws of the night revised edition
Guide to the Camarilla revised edition
All Revised edition clan books

***STs reserve the right to use anything from any of the source books to create a more immersive and rich experience for the player.***

All players must be in character at all times, unless in the designated OOC area. In character consequences can happen as a result of being OOC in inappropriate areas.

Player vs Player Policy
The World of Darkness is a violent place where beasts of various types war for control. As such, conflict is not confined to certain times and places. Always be aware of your surroundings and your safety. That being said, let's make sure that all PvP actions are 100% in character. We frown upon out of character things impacting in character actions.

Defined as using information that you learn out of game as in game knowledge, and is not acceptable. Metagaming will result in swift consequences against the player, and could include being asked to not return to the venue.

Using knowledge that is not consistent with your character's lore traits is also considered metagaming.

Character Backgrounds
Character backgrounds are strongly encouraged and preferred in bullet format. For any character background that has detail regarding where the Kindred came from, who the sire was (if known) and includes an explanation of character flaws and merits etc the ST staff will grant 2 XP and 2 PP upon approval.

Using Player Points to take a non-base game Clan requires the player submit a 2-4 page backstory that must be reviewed by the STs. This is due to the Clans being more difficult to play role-play wise, and the ST’s want to make sure that the player knows their clan lore and RP so that they can play the character correctly. It is best to give the ST’s as much warning ahead of time so they can look over your information and get back with you if there are questions.

All downtime submissions will be handled through the forums. While not required, you can only spend XP and grow influences by submitting a downtime report, which should be done no later than 14 days before the game.

A character’s status is the amount of sway they hold over others, as well as how others perceive them in regards to their place in the Camarilla. Characters do not have status in the city by default. Due to our storyline origin no player characters were in the city before the siege that began the Camarilla presence in the city. Player characters must go through the steps of becoming Acknowledged and earning status through role play.

If you need more information on status, and how this can/will impact play you can read up in the core Laws of the Night book. Page 216. The ST staff highly suggest you be familiar with the basic idea of status.

Experience Points

  • Character Creation follows the core Revised Edition LotN Book
  • A character will earn 4 XP at check in, after paying the base game cost of $5
  • A character can earn an extra 2 XP at check in by paying an additional $3.
  • Each game the Players will take a vote for Best Role-Play, the 2 players with the most votes will receive 1 Bonus XP
  • Each game the ST’s will take a vote for Best Role-Play, the 2 players with the most votes will receive 1 Bonus XP
  • Earned XP can only be spent in a player's downtime post.
  • The ST staff is not eligible for the additional XP from RP awards.

New Player Referrals
As if having more players was not enough of a good reason to bring more players, how about a bonus? When you bring a new player and they say you referred them you will receive 1 xp and 1 pp for each person!

Merit Changes
Enchanting Voice - Only affects Social Challenges
Unbondable - This merit cannot be taken by players
True Faith - The merit cannot be taken by players
Common Sense - All newbie players receive this Merit for free for the first 4 games. Can purchase for creation cost at time of expiration.
Lucky - This merit is usable once per night, instead of the 3 times per story.
Natural Linguist - This merit allows you to speak the languages you know flawlessly. It sounds as if any language you speak is your native tongue.

Tremere characters must follow the book when purchasing paths of Thaumaturgy; making Path of Blood their first path. They are also not able to raise any secondary paths higher than their Path of Blood. Additionally, to help maintain balance in the game the Tremere are required to "discover" additional paths and rituals. In character research and study will help you reach those goals, but keep in mind that you will not find everything you need in books. Come talk to an ST if you need some more details. We promise that this is not an attempt to lock the Clan out of their magic.

Starting characters are limited to the following list at creation:

  • Path of Blood
  • Movement Of The Mind
  • The Lure Of Flames
  • Weather Control.

Thaumaturgy Rituals currently allowed:

  • Basic: Blood Mastery, Deny the Intruder, Defense of the sacred haven, Deflection Of Wooden Doom, Engage the Vessel of Transference, Wake with Evenings Freshness
  • Intermediate: Pavis Of Foul Presence, Incorporeal Passage
  • Advanced: Blood Contract

While fire can be a terrifying and deadly thing, it is not complete madness. Small fires that are controlled and contained do not cause Roscheck by their presence alone; now if they are being used as a weapon that is a different story. Examples of controlled and contained fires would be: Fireplace, Torch, Lighter, Burn Barrel, and other similar setups.


Linguistics - Every dot of linguistics gives you access to 3 additional languages over your native language. You will still need to spend the downtime learning those languages.

Waking Blood
At check in a player must draw to see how much blood they begin game with. The following are the colors in the draw bag and what the result means.

  • Red- 3 Chips- Begin game will full blood, -1 for waking
  • Blue- 4 Chips- Begin game with half blood rounded down, -1 for waking
  • White- 2 Chips- Begin game with 3 blood, -1 for waking
  • Green- 1 Chip-  Mandatory Feeding scene run by ST

Feeding can be done in a number of ways, some easy and some hard, though risk has its rewards. No matter how you do it, if you are out feeding it is done in 15 minute increments where you are out of play. Expending a Survival ability trait, will double the amount of blood gained during a single feeding scene. Additionally when players feed in a live scene they must state to the ST that they close the wound or it doesn't happen.

  • Herd- The herd background will gain the character up to 2 Blood per trait expended
  • Clan Territory Safe- Up to 3 Blood
  • Clan Territory Risky- Up to 5 Blood, must win or tie a test with ST or Marshal
  • Camarilla Territory Safe- Up to 2 Blood
  • Camarilla Territory Risky- Up to 3 Blood, must win or tie a test with ST or Marshal
  • Non-Camarilla Territory Risky- Up to 2 Blood, must win a test with ST or Marshal

Path of Humanity
The game will be using a slightly different path rating guide, that will provide a smoother guide for monitoring the characters actions. This change will provide a more broad Humanity scale and will provide a more clear guideline while allowing for a little more room to work with. Since there are more points in the break down think about where you want to be, your rating will be the total of your Conscience and Self Control traits.

Humanity Threshold Sin

  • 10 Selfish Thoughts (Ex. hurting someone's feelings)
  • 9 Minor Selfish Acts (Ex. Cheating on taxes)
  • 8 Injury to another, accidental or otherwise (Ex. Physical conflict)
  • 7 Petty Theft (Ex. Shoplifting)
  • 6 Grand Theft (Ex. Burglary)
  • 5 Intentional mass-property damage (Ex. Arson)
  • 4 Impassioned Crime (Ex. Manslaughter)
  • 3 Planned Crime (Ex. Murder)
  • 2 Casual/callous Crime (Ex. Torture, serial murder)
  • 1 Utter Perversion, heinous acts (Ex. Combined rape, Mass murder)

Thank you to all of our players who make this game immersive and enjoyable. We would have no game if it weren’t for the work you put into it. We hope that you all understand these rulings, but if you don’t, please free to email the staff and clarify the problem. Thank you again, and we’ll see you all in the darkness.
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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2015 7:34 pm

Updated 10/8/15
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Miller Time

Miller Time

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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitimeMon Apr 04, 2016 1:23 pm

Updated 4/4/16

Cleared up some verbiage.
Included new Auspex v Obfuscate house rules.
Included change to Linguistics skill.
Included change to Natural Linguist merit.

Aaron Miller - Storyteller

If the ST ain't cryin.... you ain't tryin'!
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Miller Time

Miller Time

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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2016 8:39 am

Updated 4/5/16

Removed Auspex v Obfuscate house rules. Book rules will be used.

Aaron Miller - Storyteller

If the ST ain't cryin.... you ain't tryin'!
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PostSubject: Re: House Rules   House Rules Icon_minitime

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House Rules
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