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The Sabbat have overrun Dallas for too long. The inner circle has chosen you to take backt he city. After you have fought for your right to survive, how will you continue to grow the city?
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 March Madness

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PostSubject: March Madness   March Madness Icon_minitimeWed Mar 16, 2016 1:15 pm

Greetings Kindred of Dallas

Let us begin this month with a brief review of last Courts' events.

Our esteemed Prince Kara has decided to no longer abide by Kindred withholding information from her, or each other. I cannot emphasize how important this is. We have threats in the city that threaten us all, to pool our resources is our only true solution for defeating it. COMMUNICATION! Some of you have been alive for several hundred years; this is therefor not a new concept. Work together, so we can survive.

Do NOT question orders when you get them. If the Prince has told your Primogen to tell you to do something, then do it. It very may well keep you alive.

Do NOT go into Denton. Period. Leave it alone.

Do NOT leave Dallas County. Period.

Do NOT cause trouble out side of the City, PERIOD. We now have a Warlord in our fair city because we cannot seem to keep from causing more trouble outside of our territory. Dallas County is ours; not Collin, not Tarrant, not Denton. PERIOD. If you have ANY issues, concerns, comments, information or trouble that is happening OUTSIDE OF DALLAS COUNTY: Report it to the Warlord IMMEDIATELY!

There are confirmed reports of Werewolves in the city. If you encounter them DO NOT ENGAGE! Leave the area immediately, with the utmost caution and stealth. Ensure you are NOT followed. Contact your Primogen or the Sheriff IMMEDIATELY!! Then, follow instructions given to you by them. IF you are unable to reach your Primogen or the Sheriff; contact the Seneschal, the Harpy, Scourge, or the Warlord. If you are unable to reach ANY OF THE ABOVE PEOPLE, you may THEN contact the Prince. Once you have established contact, follow instructions given to you TO THE LETTER! Again, this could keep you alive.

As a side note; do not bother the Prince with petty disputes or issues. This is for DANGEROUS SITUATIONS ONLY!

Primogen: Keep me up to date on the changes within your Clans, both Status and Members. This falls under the Communication category. If your Primogen is no longer Primogen, you need to let me know. If you have members of your clan that is missing, you need to let me know. This could be a symptom of a larger problem; this involves more than just your single Clan. Everything that you do, or your clan does, affects the others; even if in a small way.

Also, we have started a new Watch List; for Kindred that have either abandoned their City/Post, or are missing. If you have any information on the Kindred listed, contact the Harpy IMMEDIATELY. I will take it from there.

Status Changes:

Davram is your new Warlord; he is Battleforged and Feared for this Title; he is no longer Childish
Adora is now Primogen of Clan Ventrue
Inva is known as Well-Connected;
Alvie-D is Acknowledged
Vanessa Clark is Loyal
Black Knight is Acknowledged and Brave
Thana is Determined
Dawn is Resourceful

All other New Members to the City have been Acknowledged.

If you have Questions, Comments, Concerns, Status or Clan Changes for your Harpy; she can be reached at 214-770-8646.
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March Madness
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